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Monday, November 2, 2009

New Series Start, website update

Hey everyone!
I have a decent sized update for you. First of all today marks the first day of my new series 50 paintings in 50 days... If you haven't heard I am doing 50 paintings in the span of 50 days. I will post a new 4x6 painting every day during the 5 day work week. I am getting the weekends off from the series as well as the holidays.. Each painting will be posted daily on my website http://www.heartsaflutter.net , on all of my social networks and on my etsy shop. http://www.sunkitty7.etsy.com. Each painting is priced at $50 to go with the 50/50 theme and the series topic is "Hearts and Skulls" meaning there must be at least 1 heart and 1 skull included in each of these paintings.

The first painting in this series was posted today. It is entitled "The Doorway, #1/50" and is up for sale on my website and in my Etsy shop.

"The Doorway, #1/50"

Find it here on my Etsy shop!

Or Here on my website!

Focusing my mind on another series I have in the works, if you are part of my facebook crew then you have seen updates of a current painting that I have been working on featuring a giant star and a beautiful celestial maiden. I have decided to add more paintings to this theme and make a series of these paintings. The series will be entitled "Wandering Stars" and will feature celestial themes. Stars that are cute, stars that are friends, and stars that shine bright.... Luminous and sparkly stars wanders through the sky as a beacon of light, giving us a glimmer of hope to hold to and wish upon. The first painting in the series is nearly done... stay tuned for that...

Next, I have FINALLY gotten my website up and running, after it seems like months and months of struggling with it... I really needed something that was easy for me to update and add products to. And, I think I have finally accomplished that. There are a few pages that are still under construction, but the store is up and running, right now we are only accepting Paypal. Its a work continually in progress, but I am happy with the progression and I hope you like it to.

Anyhow, that's all for today. Stay tuned tomorrow for the next painting in the series! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day, and had a fantastic Halloween!!
Talk soon!! xoxo~Christina


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