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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Big Blog Update......

Hey Everyone!

Another big blog update for your here! I've been meaning to write in here for the last week or so, but have found myself VERY busy with projects. For those of you the follow me on a daily basis, you know I have been very busy with my 50 paintings in 50 days "Skulls and Hearts" Series. I have a little over 2 weeks completed in the series and it seems to be going pretty well, however I did get somewhat behind. I am learning a lot from the series, it is helping me to paint more quickly and more effectively which is always a plus. I am trying to stay true to getting at least one mini painting a day done. And I have been working on some of the "off" days that I have so its more like get 5 paintings done in a week..lol. Also, I had started out posting the originals for sale on ETSY, but have switched it over to my EBAY store, since I seem to get more traffic there, more people have an EBAY account.

Here are the first 10 in the series (2 weeks worth):

Some of these ORIGINALS are sold but there are still some left. You can find these on my website http://www.heartsaflutter.net or through my EBAY store ORIGINALS shop link.

So today I spent some time adding the first 10 in the series to my website as 5x7 Open Edition Prints. I know that not everyone has the money for originals right now but will still would like to have or collect the images. Therefore, every couple of weeks I will update the 5x7 prints to include the latest images in the series. Each print is only $7!! They make a really nice tuck in gift for your favorite person! You can find them on my website under 5x7 prints.

I currently have week three moving along so far it has included, Snow White, the Wicked Queen and I am working on a Steampunk piece right now. Can't wait to show you guys that one. More on the 50/50 series to come...

Right now though I want to tell you about my latest slightly larger scale painting. Its called "Star Shine" It is an 8.5' x 11' painting on basswood tree round, and its all ready to hang.
I think I mentioned this in a previous post, but I am planning a series of celestial themed paintings called Wandering Stars. This painting is the first in the series and I am quite pleased with how it turned out! I have all sorts of ideas in mind for paintings I will be doing in the future revolving around this subject. But right now I have my hands full with the 50/50 project, so I hope to get more into the Wandering Stars series at least by the beginning of the year.

"Star Shine" is currently available for sale through my website or through my EBAY ORIGINAL shop link. Please keep in mind I do consider all offers on my larger scale works, so if you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me info@christinalynnmyers.com. My price isn't firm, its just a ballpark figure!

In other news, I unloaded a few of my larger Originals this month which is great because it gives me more room in my studio to stash all the new paintings that I want to make. lol
However, if you had your eyes on the originals for Ladybug, Violet Wings Get You Nowhere, or Underwater Friend, they are all nestled safely in their new home. I do have the prints on my website as 8x10 or 5x7 respectively if you are interested in any of these images in particular.

I am working on my Christmas cut off dates right now. I will be sure to make a post specifically related to Christmas shopping within the next day or two so stay tuned. I think that's all for right now, hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday (my USA Peeps) and got to spend it with their families! We'll talk real soon!! xoxo~Christina


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