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Saturday, February 19, 2011

E-Reader Versus Book: The Eco-Math

E-Reader Versus Book: The Eco-Math

Living in the (k)Now: What On Earth Is PB2?

Living in the (k)Now: What On Earth Is PB2?: "This week has been absolutely crazy!! Tons of great things are going on in my life right now – such a change from just a few weeks ago. Mayb..."

Friday, December 17, 2010


Want to take part in life changing events?
Would you like to take advantage of an opportunity to start something new and positive in your life? How would you like to inspire and motivate others to do the same? 
Watch the video below, see what its all about, if its something you are interested in JOIN MY TEAM &
lets get started!

or Contact me for more information.

Who is Christina


Art Website
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Huge Update This Week!!

Hi Everyone!
I have a pretty decent sized update to share with you this week. First up I have started something new this week!! I have decided that I want to do something special and show my Facebook fans and followers how much their support means to me.♥From time to time I will be offering a SPECIAL treat! An exclusive OPEN AUCTION for my Facebook fans and followers ONLY! I have so many unique things to offer. You may see original paintings, sketches (which are very rare for me to offer), cuteness collections and much more! So keep an eye out for me to announce any of these special auctions that I have coming your way!
Bidding is easy! Comment how much you want to bid! When I comment that the auction has “ENDED” then the auction is over and the last highest bidder will win. There are no starting reserves set and and they are OPEN AUCTIONS!The top bidding commenter will simply pay for their goodies through paypal as well as taxes (6% in GA) & first class shipping. I will ship the artwork out within 5 days.This is something fun I am going to try and do on occasion! So have a great time and BID! :) Many of these items are not listed in any of my shops! So they are fairly if not completely unique. Like I said these auctions are an exclusive to my Facebook FANPAGE and followers only so if you aren't a fan yet come on and be one!! All you have to do is click like and you can then participate in my exclusive auctions!!
My current auction is a CUTENESS COLLECTION!! A beautiful array of items that I have made and put together just for you! Stop by my Fanpage for more details and to participate in the no reserve exclusive auction!!

Next announcement is that the awesome people at MyTagArt have released 5 new images of mine today (12/3/2010) for all you tagger enthusiasts out there!! So hop on over and get your creativity on!! :)

Next up! Each week I am adding new items or new designs to my Zazzle shop! This week I have added a few new products! I now have Coasters!! AND......iPad and iPhone cases! Zazzle has been having sales everyday this week. I have
been trying to keep you updated of these sales on any of my social networks. So keep an eye out for my updates!

I have a bunch of new art in its finishing stages so keep a look out for that!! Will be posting it all very soon!!! :)
I also need to mention my holiday shipping deadlines for the 2010 season. I am trying to offer several deals this season. One of the deals that I am offering is free shipping worldwide for the entirety of the holiday season!! Stay tuned for any holiday specials that I may be offering in the coming week!!
My cutoff date for US and International Holiday shipping is December 16th.
The last day I will be shipping orders out is on the 17th. Any orders after
that will not be able to be mailed for Holiday Delivery. I will be closing down a few
days during the holidays to spend time with my family. This will start on 12/23
so I will not be shipping orders during that time. Please feel free to shop and order
as usual! However, shipping will resume its normal schedule on 12/26. If you have any
questions please contact me: info@christinalynnmyers.com
Due to the nature of International mail especially during the holiday season,
I cannot make any guarantees for arrival dates before the holiday.
Please order as soon as possible so I can get your order promptly sent to you.

Happy Holidays EVERYONE!

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