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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Big Update!!! New Prints and Original up!!

Hi Everyone!

Finally getting around to writing an update to my blog. Got some new info for you, new prints and an some cool stuff about my new website under construction.
First up, I have my newest painting for you, Violet Wings, Get You Nowhere. I have decided that I really enjoy painting angels. The concept of angels and the reality of their being have intrigued me for a long time. Recently I've been doing quite a bit of reading and research on the entities.
Angels are considered the messengers of God. These of course are the angels that have not turned to the darkside... (if you will excuse the Star Wars reference).. I really LOVE Star Wars... Anyhow the angels that turn to the darkside, are the fallen angels. I really want to interweave this reality into my angel paintings somehow, so I have decided to start categorizing the angels for what they are. From now on my angels will either be under the series category of "The Messengers" or the series category of "The Fallen". In the future, expect to see several angels coming your way as I am really focusing my attention on these magnificient feathered ones... :)

My newest Angel painting is part of "The Fallen" series of angels. She is a pretty little angel donning a skull hat and her dress is loaded with a collage of pink skulls! Can't you just feel her despair?? Because Violet wings... just get you nowhere.. :) I have decided that fallen angels do not need to be grotesque creatures, although some can be. Since evil can appear as beautiful as good, there is a dichotemy between angels of good and evil. Both can appear as an angel of light. I suppose this is why you should never judge a book by its cover. Besides why shouldn't the fallen still be very very cute??

"Violet Wings, Get You Nowhere" 11"x14", Acrylic Painting Oval Canvas

Next order of business is prints!! I have decided to make it a focus to build up my 8"x10" print gallery. Today I have two new 8x10's to share with you! If you like the Violet wings painting above, but don't have the money right now to plunk down for the original.. Consider getting the 8x10 print! Also a few months ago I painted a giant mermaid that was holding her clown fish friend, I have made that into a print for those of you that are interested! :)

"Violet Wings, Get You Nowhere" 8x10 Open Edition fine art print

"Underwater Friend" 8x10 Open Edition fine art print

In the next few days I'll let you know the progress of my website. It's coming along nicely, but the fact is that I am not a crazy fast web designer... it really takes me awhile so I just try to do it a little at a time to curb my frustration. Or to curb my desire to throw my laptop out the window.. lol!! I'll tell you more about it later.

Until then please keep in mind that I have a whole bunch of Original paintings up for auction. I would love for these to go to a good home. I am accepting best offers on many of these, so if you see one you really like please do not hesitate to ask, I won't be offended. :)

Christina's Original Paintings

Okay that's all for now, I'll be in touch soon!! :)


Chianne said...

Yay, its great to see another cute fantasy artist around. Thanks for the follow, I'm totally returning it. :)

Beautiful paintings by the way. Your detail is incredible.

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